Resolutions You Can Keep

With all the talk about making resolutions this time of year, let’s be honest: we don’t keep most of them past the second week of January. Instead of promising to make huge changes on January 1st, why not start small? Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep.

1. Connect with nature 5 minutes a day.

It could be acknowledging a peaceful breeze or the warm sunlight on your skin while walking to your car or stopping to smell the jasmine that grows by your neighbor’s house. Or maybe it’s standing barefoot in the grass or sand. For 5 minutes every day, make it a point to recognize and appreciate the beauty of nature.

2. Disconnect from technology once a month.

Pick a few hours or maybe even a full day once a month to have a technology fast. Use the time to do something tangible. Maybe it’s connecting with people face to face, reading a book, being outside or meditating.

3. Keep an ongoing gratitude list.

Put a notepad and pen somewhere you use daily, such as on your fridge, bathroom mirror or desk. Write down the things you feel grateful for and keep an ongoing list this year. No repeats.

4. Eat 1 meal mindfully each day.

Instead of watching TV or checking your instagram while you eat, make it a point to eat one meal a day disconnected from distractions. Be mindful and focus on what you’re eating, your environment and the people you’re dining with.

5. Reconnect with someone once a month.

Go through your contacts list monthly and reach out to someone who’s not in your recent message feed. It can be a sweet text, phone call or email. Just let them know you are thinking of them.

6. Have a “Body Proud Day” once a month.

One day a month, schedule your own “Body Proud Day” as a celebration of your beautiful body. Show gratitude for your body in all you do, say and think that day. Wear or buy something you feel extra sexy in.

7. Take the long way once a day.

It could be using the stairs instead of the elevator or parking in the furthest possible parking spot from the entrance. Whatever it is for you, make it a point once a day to get those extra steps in.

8. Try 1 new thing a month and share it.

Create a hashtag for people to use (such as #TriedItOnce) and share your new experiences each month. It could be anything from trying a new type of food to wearing a color you’ve always secretly wanted to harness to doing a salsa dancing group. Go for it!

9. Hug someone once per day.

You know how great a good hug feels? Feel that once per day. For at least 20 seconds daily, give someone you love a big hug. It could be your kid, mom or significant other – whoever it is, they will appreciate it.

10. Schedule weekly R&R for yourself.

Our calendars get so busy that we often forget to make time for ourselves. Make an appointment for “me time” once per week. Whether it’s a salt bath, meditation or yoga class, put it into your calendar and keep it, just as you would any other appointment.