Roundup: Simply Chic Holiday Decor

The holidays are here, and adding some festive decor around your home can certainly bring good cheer. If you’re looking to decorate your space this season without too much fuss, we’ve got some chic, low-maintenance picks for you.

Below are 9 subtle, yet festive ways to deck the halls this season:

1. Globe Lights

Lights are a simple way to add a festive touch to any home. The unique shape of these bulb lights by Restoration Hardware look great on a tree outdoors or strung somewhere in your home for a holiday party. My co-worker even strung some across his office to create a really nice light in a small space.

2. Tree with Clothespin

These little tree decorations by Zara Home are great because they can be used so many different ways: in a tree, to hang cards or pictures or on napkins at a dinner party. You could even clip these to a card on a Christmas gift for extra flare.

3. Understated Wreaths

Wreaths are one of my all time favorite holiday decor items because they can fit in just about any home. I like to keep mine simple and understated, but you can easily add bows or other small decorations to spruce them up. You can hang them on your front door, throughout your home or in a window. Visit your local florist, farmer’s market or garden store to choose your favorite style.

4. Festive Napkins

Holiday napkins are a must, and these ones from Zara Home are awesome because you can reuse them. The subtle holiday print makes them easy to match just about any decor on your table. Simply pull them out for your next holiday dinner or cocktail party.

5. Unique Ornaments

Since having a little girl, I’ve purchased a tree ornament every year for her. I like to find something different but that still appeals to her childlike aesthetics. These ones from Anthropologie are fun and girl-y without being too cartoon like.

6. Wood Cutting Board

This season, try swapping regular serving trays for wooden cutting boards, like this one from H&M Home. You can also use them as hot plates or as a tray for smaller bowls of appetizers. They are festive for entertaining during the holidays and can also be used year round.

7. House with Lights

I love everything about this cardboard house by Zara Home. It’s modern and would look great just about anywhere in a home. The lights give it that extra festive touch. Feeling brave? Let your kids color it!

8. Jingle Door Ring

There’s something about the sound of jingle bells that just reminds me of Christmas and my childhood. Try adding a Jingle Door Ring like this one by Pottery Barn to your front door knob for extra cheer.

9. Pom Pom Garland

Alongside wreaths, I love any string decor. Last year, I found a white felt star garland that I loved so much I kept it hanging long after Christmas was over! This year, I’m loving these pom pom garlands from Anthropologie, which can be great for fireplace hangings or even in a child’s play area.