Spring Clean: Closet Edition

Spring cleaning season is among us, and though you might be feeling the urge to clean and organize, sometimes conquering certain spaces in your home can be more overwhelming than others. If the closet is one of those places for you – an area you just seem to keep avoiding – now is the perfect time to give it some much-deserved attention. You’ll be left feeling so much better, too!

Here are five ways we recommend making the most of closet organization:

1. Break it up.

Don’t try to completely organize your closet all in one day. That can get to be too much. Instead, parcel out the task in small chunks. Focus on your shoes one evening. Tackle your accessories on a Sunday afternoon. Before you know it, you’ll have made it all the way through the closet, and it won’t be nearly as painful as you’d anticipated.

2. Pare things down.

Take stock of your winter clothes before you pack them away. What didn’t you wear all last season? Consider selling or donating some or all of those items. Then, as you get out your spring clothes, hand them up backwards on the rod. Once you’ve worn an article of clothing, flip it and hang it up facing front. That way, come the end of the season, you’ll know definitively what’s been worn and what’s gone unused.

3. Ditch the wire hangers.

After all, they aren’t great for long-term use on clothes. Instead, try plastic or crystal hangers. Not only are they better for your wardrobe, they also look a whole lot nicer!

4. Have a party.

Everyone has those items of clothing that they love but just don’t wear. Consider hosting a clothing exchange event with friends so everyone can share those great items, ensuring your under-used but much-loved pieces go to a good home. (And who doesn’t love shopping without spending money?)

5. Spruce up your closet.

Take advantage of your closet being empty as you clean, and do some upkeep. Replace shelf paper, vacuum the closet floor, dust the space – make it feel clean and fresh.