Stress, Be Gone

Stress is a culprit in all of our lives, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. This nasty pest can lead to nervous tension and unpleasant anxiety. If you feel it creeping up, take a step back, breathe and allow aromatherapy to provide a helping hand in lifting your spirits.

Below are 10 essentials oils to help relieve stress and anxiety:

1. LAVENDER: The soothing, calming and fragrant aroma of Lavender oil relieves anxiety, nervous tension and depression. In addition the oil is also helpful for releasing headaches.

2. JASMINE: The delicate, floral and sweet scent of jasmine oil is very effective for restlessness, anxiety and tension. It can help to restore energy and a positive outlook.

3. CHAMOMILE: The healing, harmonizing and soothing Chamomile fragrance gently calms and soothes nerves. It promotes deep relaxation, serenity and peacefulness.

4. ROSE: The aromatic, and deep floral Rose oil acts as a mild sedative with anti-depressant properties, relieving stress, tension and mild anxiety. On an emotional level we receive the properties of rose oil as comforting, loving, and caring.

5. SANDALWOOD: This sweet-woody oil helps relieve chronic anxiety, fear, tension, and stress. It is calming and balancing, and encourages a deep meditative mental and emotional state.

6. FRANKINCENSE: Frankincense oil promotes relaxed, deep breathing. It calms anxiety and encourages the mental release of past problems.

7. NEROLI: The floral and fresh fragrance of Neroli oil relieves anxiety, especially in cases of shock and severe stress. In addition, it is comforting, encouraging and boost confidence.

8. YLANG YLANG: This sweet-floral and exotic oil’s properties are very calming, and slightly sedating. It helps to slow down rapid heartbeat caused by anxiety attacks and gently lowers the blood pressure.

9. CLARY SAGE: The sweet herbaceous aroma of Clary Sage oil reduces anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

10. MAY CHANG: This sweet-fruity, lemony, refreshing oil acts like a burst of sunshine for the soul. Let the cheerful fragrance relieve stress and anxiety while encouraging feelings of happiness, and joy.

Note: When using essential oils, always make sure not to apply the oils directly to your skin, and learn about their contraindications. Don’t use Aromatherapy when pregnant, unless you know which oils are safe for you by an expert. When in doubt, please contact an Aromatherapist to assist you in choosing the right oils for your needs.