Summer Beauty Wishlist

Summer is almost officially here! And for many of us (including myself) the change of season means it’s time revamp our skincare and makeup routine.

My skin is more oily in the summer and dryer in the winter, so I always switch up my face wash and moisturizer, as well as my foundation and concealer. Additionally, I add a bronzer, as well as summery blush and lipstick shades.(Ok, so basically I revamp most of my beauty routine.)

The most noticeable change in the warmer months ahead is the amount of time spent on my beauty routine — it is always downsized. Wearing lighter or less makeup overall feels great in the hot summer.

While simple is definitely better in the summer, never skip the following beauty steps: wash off all makeup at the end of the day, moisturize every day, and always apply sunscreen.

Here’s a roundup of 12 summer beauty products I’ve recently tried and love (or that are patiently waiting in my cart online.)