The Little Traveler

The first time we traveled with our daughter Chloé, she had just turned a year old and (surprisingly!) it was pretty easy and painless. She wasn’t walking at that point, which most definitely helped with the “staying put” situation. I realized that is why many of my mom friends told me traveling with newborns or babies is much easier — basically all they do is sleep and eat.

A toddler, on the other hand, can be more challenging to travel with. I did a quick flight with Chloe last summer, which was a piece of cake! But, we recently did a five hour flight with her — not so much a piece of cake. She was great on the plane but decided not to sleep, so I quickly learned the trick was to keep her busy.

Bringing a variety of things for a toddlers to eat and do is the key to a happy flight or road trip, as well as making sure they will be comfortable. Here are a few favorites that did just that without taking up too much room in my carry on. (If anything, always remember to bring stickers!)

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