To The Pointe

You’ve probably seen many barre studios popping up around your neighborhood in the past few years. Still haven’t tried a class, and curious about all the hype? Here are 5 reasons to take a barre class immediately:

1. It’s both lengthening and strengthening.

Because you are using your own body weight in barre class, you tone muscles without building bulk. Barre also uses a lot of tiny isometric contractions, which are not usually performed in most workouts, and are great for maintaining muscle strength and targeting those often neglected areas. I lost an inch in that hard to reach area called the lower abs!

2. It’s safe.

Because it is a low-impact workout, barre does not put a lot of strain on the joints, tendons and ligaments. Modifications are given so you are able to do what feels best for you and your body. Due to my ligament injuries, this is definitely one of my go to workouts.

3. It’s a full body workout.

Barre class helps enhance balance, flexibility and posture due to the emphasis on strengthening the core, and front and back of the body. All classes have slight differences, but the overall formula of the class is usually the same. These classes incorporate mat exercises, some movements with free weights, and of course a series at the ballet barre. I love the fact that you get a complete workout in one class, making it a one-stop shop!

4. No experience necessary.

Even though Barre was invented by a dancer and incorporates mostly ballet moves, you don’t need to have any dance experience. Classes have modifications that cater to everyone’s ability ranging from those with injuries, to those new to working out and/or aren’t physically fit yet, and even professional dancers. I have always steered clear of dance influenced workouts because I’m not a dancer, but with barre I feel like a dancer without having to know what I’m doing.

5. It’s a lot of fun!

Barre class is set to music so you can lose yourself in what you are doing and feel like you are dancing. Whether you are a dancer or new to the sport, you will learn something new and/or perfect your craft. I no longer dread working out, instead I get to “work it”!