Watermelon Rose Mocktail

With an array of BBQs, festivals, weddings and baby showers during the summer, there’s lots of “cheers” to be had. What if you’re not a drinker of alcoholic refreshments? That does not have to stop the party! Whether you’re sober like myself or temporarily in the mocktail zone as a mom-to-be, don’t let the absence of liquor stop you from toasting with others who do indulge. Below I’ve combined delicious watermelon with refreshing rose water and a handful of summer herbs for a Watermelon Rose Punch Mocktail.

How is it already watermelon season again? This juicy red fruit is not only synonymous with the season of summer, it’s refreshing and fun to eat! Watermelon is high in antioxidants making this a summer superfood. And, with infused rose water in this delightful spritzer, you can “rose‘ all day” minus the wine. Rose water is a known complexion tonic — a little mist over the face and body will purify and beautify your skin. Other health benefits of rose water include anti-inflammation, improved mood and stress reduction. This makes for the perfect summer thirst quencher.

Watermelon Rose Mocktail


6 cups of Watermelon Juice

Juice of 1 Lime

1/2 a cup of Rose Water

4 cups Pelligrino or any fizzy water of choice. (I found a fun cucumber sparkling water that I love paired with these other flavors!)

Fresh Mint & Basil to garnish

Optional: Agave, Honey or sweetener of your choice

*Note: If you’re a Rose Water virgin, try taking a dip first. Put a few drops in a glass of water to sip and awaken your taste buds to this new flavor. It is not overpowering like some floral additions to foods and drink can be but you can start small and sample as you go so it does not feel like you are chewing on a bouquet of roses.


Mix all ingredients in a pitcher. Add ice separately to glasses, so the punch does not get diluted in the pitcher. Garnish individual cups with mint, basil, lime, rose petals or watermelon. Get creative!

photo credit: Shenggeng Lin