Where Do You Belong?

I see it so often. People trying to fit in, wondering why they are not part of a certain group. In turn, they think something is wrong with them. In reality, nothing is wrong with them at all.

The issue is that they are just trying to be something they are not, like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The whole concept of “fitting in” suggests that you should try to be like someone else. In doing so, your life becomes a struggle as you are always trying to guess what you need to be or do in order to continue to “fit in”.

Belonging, on the other hand, asks you to be nothing but yourself.

Belonging is the new black! Fitting in is a thing of the past. You are meant to spend your time with people who accept you as you are. This sense of belonging gives you the space to be just who you are – exactly the way you are.

If you can identify with this, you are not alone. I have been guilty of this too myself, too many times to count. But once you realize you are perfect just the way you are, you will stop trying to fit in where you don’t, and start belonging where you do. In doing so, you will always be right where you want to be.

Welcome home.

food for thought,