Who Run The World

When women collaborate, great things happen. That’s at the heart of the trend around work spaces specifically for women, which are starting to pop up around the country. And those “great things” don’t just include professional accomplishments (although that’s certainly a component). These spaces also focus on wellness and bringing much-needed balance to women’s lives.

These spaces can be used to rent out for meetings and gatherings, to take wellness-related classes, to lease office space to build a business among fellow female entrepreneurs, and more.

Intrigued yet? Check out these five spaces that are bringing this concept to life in various cities in the U.S.:

1. New Women Space, Brooklyn, New York

New Women Space, founded by Melissa Wong and Sandra Hong, touts itself as a “project cultivation and community event space that places the ambitions of women of all experiences at its center.” Offering 2,100 square feet of space, New Women Space was intentionally designed to be a place that works well for a plethora of events and needs.

2. Hera Hub, California + Washington, D.C.

Hera Hub boasts an extensive footprint, with three California locations, one space in D.C., and additional outlets opening soon in both Phoenix and Sweden. They hone in on female entrepreneurs, and aim to offer them a place to have access to fellow go-getters as well as other resources to help them stay inspired, connected, successful, and supported.

3. SheWorks Collective, New York City

An intentionally smaller-scale option compared to some of the other women work spaces out there, SheWorks can house up to 18 women at a time in a loft space in Union Square. Their website states that “SheWorks Collective offers members opportunities to network and get inspired by other like-minded women.”

4. Paper Dolls, Los Angeles, California

With planned expansion into several other markets (Chicago, Atlanta, NYC, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Seattle, and West Hollywood), Paper Dolls celebrates their clients’ diverse backgrounds and interests, but embraces the thread that unites them all: the “belief that women go farther when they go together.” Since early 2015, Paper Dolls has had a studio space featuring relevant events, curated content, networking, and a studio working environment to foster a community among women.

5. The Wing, New York City

Yet another New York-based women-only work space, The Wing was developed to help women “run the world together,” based on the reality that the act of taking up space is powerful and often dominated by men. It’s treated as a “sacred space” to get done the things you need to get done – make calls, build friendships, store personal items, and more.