Why I Wake Before The Sun

Getting up while it’s still dark isn’t easy and it never gets easier, but it’s a worthy practice for me. It’s an ebbing and flowing practice, but one with value and one that fills me up, making it easier to see the beauty in the world around me as the sun comes up, washing everything in it’s golden soft-pink hue. Below are 5 benefits to waking up before the sun.

1. The days get longer.

I recently spent a month in Mexico and got used to waking up at 5:45am every day. I had coffee, read the news, surfed, had a shower, and got breakfast — all before 9am. I felt like I have stolen time every day, extra hours of living while the rest of the world snoozes.

2. There’s more time for meditation.

I meditate more and find that I have a more calm start to each day that permeates throughout the hours that follow it—it’s pretty hard to feel rushed when you’re up and at it before the sun even is. It helps me be at my best spiritually, mentally, and physically when I’m up early.

3. Your body finds a natural rhythm.

I recently read a blog post written by a woman who has ditched her alarm clock. She wakes and sleeps according to her body’s natural rhythm. After a few weeks of going alarm-less, she found that her body synced with the sun, naturally rising and tiring sooner. That’s why I love it. There’s something to it, something organic and natural and whole about it, even when it’s hard.

4. Falling asleep at night gets easier.

Besides the mornings, it’s the nights, too, that keep me reaching for an early wakeup time. Nothing good seems to happen for me when I stay up too late. Frittering hours away perusing Instagram or Googling things like “how to find out what our passion is” seem to always happen during those dark, late hours.

5. It’s a great practice in self-discipline.

Of course, like all good things, waking up early takes effort and discipline. Not only to get into the routine, but to stay there. And when I slip, like I have recently thanks to a couple of rough weeks and over sleeping, there’s nothing to do but patently return to where I came from—just like when my thoughts wander during meditation or I can’t quite reach that next level yoga pose I’m working towards.