Why We Should Be Able To Use The Word “Nipple” Without The Ick Factor

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Los Angeles yoga studio One Down Dog launched a campaign called Nipple Mafia. ODD Owner & Founder Jessica Rosen explains:

Why the Nipple Mafia?

After a review in 2016 called out that our studio used the word “nipple” without the ick factor, we felt it was important to address why it is we feel you should be able to use the word “nipple” freely.

So, some of our ODD teachers shared their reasons it’s important this month and every month to talk about your nipples!

1. The word nipple is more specific than the word “chest”

“It is a very specific cue that makes a lot more sense than ‘left chest.’ Honestly, I think if we are taking our shirts off in class we should be able to cue nipples without a lot of drama.” -Molly O’Neill

2. Nipple is a body part, easy as that

“As long as no one is saying ‘blossom your anus to the sky’ I feel like it’s fine. Personally, I’d rather be part of getting rid of the sexuality and shyness of these parts we all have. We’re in the body business. We all have nipples and butts, just like we have toes and shoulders.” -Caitlin Randolph

3. Nipples give life and that is something beautiful

“In all seriousness, I’m really grateful to have a safe and supportive place where breastfeeding in public never seems scary cause a little nipple ain’t no thang.” -Jennifer Jordan

4. The word might make you laugh and that’s okay—life shouldn’t be taken so seriously

“Anytime I hear “nipple” in class, I get tingly and giggly because using the word “nipple” in public is awesome. Maybe we take it one step further, areola? Too much?” -Arielle MillerAs an inclusive and welcoming studio, we’re turning this review around and partnering with non-profit Keep A Breast to help raise awareness around breast cancer prevention, which includes learning how to give yourself breast and chest exams. Buy one of our Nipple Mafia shirts online (a percentage of the proceeds go to Keep A Breast) and/or attend our donation flow for Fit 4 Prevention (a campaign run by Keep A Breast) on October 29th, 7:30 to 8:30 at One Down Dog in Echo Park.

About the Contributor

Jessica Rosen is the founder and owner of Los Angeles yoga studio, One Down Dog. She founded “ODD” after 10 plus years as a therapist and yoga teacher to build a space for everyBODY to practice all styles of yoga and connect to an awesome community.

She completed her Master’s in Clinical Psychology at the Michigan School of Professional Psychology with a focus on adolescent and substance abuse treatment. All-nighters, minimal showers and an overall lack of self-care finally got her on the yoga mat. She loved the practice, mostly because the music was awesome and the teachers were real people talking about real shit. She has since completed two 200hr teacher training programs, level 1yoga therapy, and a 300 hour teacher training at Yoga Blend. Currently, One Down Dog has three locations and offers over 160 classes per week.

Images by Lauren Randolph