Yoga On The Go

For yogis on the go, sticking to your regular yoga schedule can be a challenge at best and an insurmountable feat at worst. Even though you’re still going to miss your local studio while you’re on the road, there are plenty of online options to get you into your daily asanas with nothing more than a smartphone and an internet connection. Next time you’re traveling and missing your regular yoga routine, try using these nifty online resources to weather the storm.

1. Do Yoga With Me

Totally free and streaming online, Do Yoga With Me has hundreds of videos for all levels. They have a variety of classes and teachers, so with a bit of a search effort, you’re likely to find a combo that works for you. Some of their videos are in studio and some are out in nature, which adds another fun selection element.

2. Fightmaster Yoga

Lesley Fightmaster (one of the best names ever, huh?) hosts a YouTube channel that’s great for slightly advanced yogis. Another lovely aspect of her channel is that she focuses a lot on motivation cultivation as well, which can be really hard to come by on the road. Fightmaster Yoga released a new video every Monday, so there will always be something new to enjoy.

3. The Yoga Collective

While membership to the Yoga Collective’s online “studio” is $12 per month, they offer a 15 day trial which is plenty of time to figure out whether or not their classes are for you or not, no strings attached (and they donate 50% of their proceeds, so you can feel good about where your money is going). All of the classes are produced in Venice Beach, CA. Speaking of, if you ever pass through L.A. on your travels, be sure to stop at their Community Healing Gardens.

4. All Yoga by Gaia

Gaia’s All Yoga is also a paid membership situation, but it’s just 99 cents the first month and $20 for three months—talk about affordable, especially if you’ve got a lot of travel coming up. The website has a convenient search filter, so you can quickly and easily find just the class you’re looking for. Their sunrise yoga classes are some of the best.

5. YogaGlo

Moving beyond just yoga, YogaGlo offers guided meditation classes too, so you can keep both your body and your mind aligned on the road. These guys set their prices at $18 a month, but considering what drop in classes cost at brick and mortar studios these days, that’s still a bargain. They’ve got over 3,500 classes ranging from five to 120 minutes in length and cover a range of levels, all of which you can carry around with you on your phone while you’re out exploring the world.