Your Most Confident Summer

Sum·mer: pronounced (suhm-er) noun—three months filled with sunshine, vacations, bathing suits, and confidence!

Yes, you read that right; confidence is summer’s best accessory. But those three months can be challenging for some women (I know, I’ve been there.) After losing over 80 pounds, I had to learn how to love my new body and feel confident in my own skin. Having self-confidence is like your very own superpower and today I’m sharing my top five tips for feeling super confident all summer long.

1. Smother Yourself with Positivity

Positivity helps immensely when it comes to feeling confident. When I started to look at everything in my life with a positive outlook, I began to see a boost in my self-confidence. When you’re constantly telling yourself “I’m not good enough, I’m fat, and I’ll never change,” you start to believe it. But when you change the conversation to say “yes, I want to change, I can change, and I will change,” then you send positive energy into the universe and you will start to see a shift in your confidence.

2. Smile And Walk Like You Mean It

Confidence is a vibe; it’s that feeling you have when you walk into a room and you know people are staring at you but you just flash them a smile and keep on moving. A smile tells others that you’re happy, confident, and comfortable. So next time you’re not feeling like your most confident self, try smiling and walk with your head held high. Each day will present new challenges to your confidence but this is a great tool to have in your back pocket.

3. Cut Out All The Comparisons

When you stop comparing yourself with others, it gives you the space to start focusing on yourself instead. Comparing yourself to others is one of the biggest problems women face today. Yes, another woman may have the job you wished you had or wear a smaller size than you, but start pushing all that aside and tune into yourself. Focus in on all your amazing qualities that you possess and share them with the world, with confidence, of course.

4. Decide How You Want To See Yourself

Each morning I take a few minutes to look at myself in my mirror and ask how I want to see myself each day. I highly recommend adding this exercise to your morning routine. It does wonders for self-confidence and starts the day off on a thoughtful and positive note. All that matters is what you think of yourself in the end, not what millions of strangers think. Dress for yourself, do your hair and makeup how you like it, do workouts that energize your soul — and most importantly, wake up every day and keep working on yourself. Remember, you have the power to manifest how you want to see yourself.

5. Dress to Impress, Yourself

Wear what makes you feel radiant, uniquely yourself, and most authentically you. Who cares if it’s in style or trendy, if you feel like your best self while wearing it, then that’s what you should wear. Go shopping if you have to, or do a little spring cleaning and get rid of things that bring down your confidence. Part of feeling confident all summer is finding what makes you feel good if it’s a new swim suit, or workout leggings, or a pretty dress that will help then buy it, wear it, and flaunt it.