Your New Moon Horoscope

Our new Zodiac Collection, featuring iridescent designs inspired by each sign + celestial jewelry by Maya Brenner has us shooting for the stars! In honor of the astro-fab collection, we’re serving up a very special horoscope for the October new moon.

Today, the new moon will be in Libra (at 8:46pm PST to be exact!) Ok, so what exactly does that mean? A new moon is the phase of the moon when its in conjunction with the sun, making it invisible from Earth. In other words, we won’t be able to see the moon tonight, because the sun and moon are having a little rendezvous — in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra! The duality of the sun and moon in this formation can be felt by each of us during this phase, reminding us to embrace the contradictions in life and find balance.

The sign of Libra is all about balance, in fact — as is today’s new moon. One of Libra’s most positive attributes is the ability to see and consider all sides of a situation. This new moon is a great opportunity for each sign of the zodiac to consider all angles, especially the balance of give-and-take. Are you giving more than you are receiving? Or vice-versa? Try and use this reflective time to correct those imbalances.


Sure, life is a balancing act for you, Libra. And sometimes your constant focus on the little things can cause you to forget that everything is part of a bigger, continuous story. Stop looking for balance from outside sources, and use this new moon to find it within yourself.


Even though you are highly sensitive, you often hide your vulnerable side from others, Scorpio. But you can’t do everything on your own. You have a tendency to seek control in your relationships with others, but is this habit really helping you connect on that deeper level you desire? During this new moon, try and let go. Let someone else take the lead, and speak your truth to the people around you.


There’s no one better at making friends than you, Sagittarius. You have a natural knack for breaking down barriers and a genuine desire to do good in this world. But are you being truthful to yourself? It’s about quality not quantity. Take a moment from your busy lifestyle to consider what makes you happy. During this new moon, refocus on the core principles that guide you.


We all know you are a hard worker, Capricorn. But the ends don’t always justify the means. Do you feel as though that project or relationship you’ve been working on is letting you down? Maybe it’s time to change that. This new moon is about collaboration, so use it as a time to ask for help or express your frustration. Teamwork makes the dream work!


We know you’re always moving forward and thinking ahead, Aquarius. But that doesn’t mean you are moving in the right direction. Be flexible, and make sure you are open to other points of view. This new moon is the perfect time to open your mind and get some fresh perspective.


All you need is love, Pisces. But sometimes a fight can actually be a good thing! Arguments in relationships allow us to work out our differences and emerge with a deeper understanding of one another. Not everything can be rainbows and sunshine. During this new moon, dive deeper and be willing to face the tough conversations.


You know what you want and usually find a way to get it, Aries. In other words, compromise is not really your thing. But consider how this tendency may be hindering you in relationships and at work. The new moon offers a great opportunity to try something different. Ask politely instead of simply taking, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.


You certainly like to live it up, Taurus. But has your tendency to indulge yourself turned into overindulgence lately? This new moon is a great time for you to refocus your energy on something positive. Consider the consequences and try indulging in self-care or a new hobby which yields a long-term reward.


You are a social butterfly and certainly have a knack for chatting it up, Gemini. But is all the small talk preventing you from establishing meaningful relationships? Making deeper connections is important for you right now. At this new moon, dive deeper below the surface. You never know, you may even fall in love or make a lifelong friend.


Lately, life has been full of ups and downs for you, Cancer. It’s okay to feel some negativity right now and sharing those feelings with close friends or family can help you through this time. Strong emotions (even the bad ones) can be good since they are the catalyst for necessary change. During this new moon, simply allow yourself to acknowledge what you are feeling and then go from there.


You are a natural born leader, Leo. That’s why the people in your life often turn to you for help or advice. But consider the type of advice you are giving. Are you being biased or too harsh? Perhaps there is a more delicate approach. At this new moon, try to start from a place of neutrality before you pick a side.


You are excellent at managing a bank account, Virgo. But lately, you’ve been keeping an extra tight budget. Remember, it’s ok to splurge on yourself sometimes! You deserve it. This new moon is a great time for you to reconsider your money habits and find a balance between saving and spending.