Jungalow High Waisted Capri Legging
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Jungalow High Waisted Capri Legging

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We’‘_’‘’ö’‘___’‘_’‘’ö’‘___Š—çÑ钑’¾’‘_’‘’ö’‘__ve partnered with designer Justina Blakeney, founder of The Jungalow, to bring you this limited edition collection. We’‘_’‘’ö’‘___’‘_’‘’ö’‘___Š—çÑ钑’¾’‘_’‘’ö’‘__re featuring two unique prints inspired by Justina’‘_’‘’ö’‘___’‘_’‘’ö’‘___Š—çÑ钑’¾’‘_’‘’ö’‘__s bohemian aesthetic on our popular capri legging. You will always be planted in style wearing this capri. Walk on the wild side!

Lux Print:

Where performance and fashion merge. Our Lux Print is a bold and modern fabric that speaks to the design inspiration behind each season. With cooling properties to keep you dry and comfortable during your workout routine.

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82% Polyester, 18% Spandex
4-way stretch
Wash + Dry
UV Protection

Wearing size Small