Helping Our Community

Like the vast majority of us, Beyond Yoga has been impacted by the economic hardship related to COVID-19 –– but we also know we are lucky. While we have made across the board cuts to payroll and even had to lay off over 10% of our team that simply couldn't work from home or whose roles were made all but impossible given the foreseeable future, we have luckily been able to maintain the remainder of our team with their full benefits.

Our goal is to do everything we safely can to save jobs, keep our team receiving pay/benefits and partner with our local manufacturing and distribution partners to help them do the same. We fully understand our team is lucky to be able to work from the safety of our homes which a lot of people are not. We applaud and are exceptionally thankful for all those working on the frontline, from nurses, doctors, delivery drivers, food service employees, and grocery clerks. We can't say thank you enough and have deep empathy for those who have lost their jobs.

As a company, we have always prioritized building up our community and being a positive influence on the world. Even as we continue to work through our shifting business strategy our team believes we must continue to give back. 

When times are tough it's all the more important to maintain your values and we want our community to know we will not waiver in our commitment to you and running a company that brings positivity, inclusivity and comfort to the world. We are here for you.

Initially, when the stay at home order started, we worked to take a portion of our sales and have donated over $50,000 to Meals on Wheels and No Kid Hungry thanks to your purchases.

We are currently shifting our efforts to safely produce quality, washable fabric masks. We are based in Los Angeles and with the current mask requirements we know this will be a significant need. 

We are rolling this out as a buy 2, give 2 product where you buy two masks and we donate two masks to those in need like nursing homes, hospital admin staff, grocery workers and thousands of others. We are taking the proceeds from this product to produce and distribute those masks. 

These are non-medical masks. Handmade in LA with fabrics from our clothing line. These masks are washable, reusable, and complete with non-elastic adjustable straps that tie on each side.  

Please reach out to if you would like to request masks for your organization. We can't guarantee masks to all but if you reach out we will do our best and reach out when/if we can help.

By doing this we are able to use our local production, keep our team employed and productive, and help give back to our community in our special way. 

We hope you are all safe and healthy. Thank you for your support of Beyond Yoga.

We love you all,

The Beyond Yoga Team