Four women standing and laughing in shorts and sports bras hiking

Beyond Yoga is proud to be created and led by women, designing for every body of every size, shape, moment, and movement.

Headshot of Michelle Wahler, CEO

Michelle Wahler Adams is an entrepreneur, business leader and mother. In 2005, she co-founded the active lifestyle company Beyond Yoga, where as CEO, she built the product and brand from the ground up. What started as a mere concept led to a global wholesale business, ecommerce site and opening the first brick and mortar stores, selling tens of millions of units around the world over the course of nearly 20 years. Michelle built a female focused organization with an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, diversity and empowerment both among employees and customers. She skillfully navigated negotiations and led her team through the brand’s acquisition by Levi Strauss & Co. in 2021. Post acquisition she continued her role as CEO of Beyond Yoga and joined the Executive Leadership Team of Levi Strauss.

Michelle was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2021, and as a DEIA Visionary by the LA Times in 2023.

Michelle is originally from Maryland and began her career while living in New York City. She now lives in Los Angeles and is married with two children and two dogs. Michelle is active in a number of philanthropic causes through the family foundation she created with her husband. She also finds joy in painting, reading, and exploring through travel.

Image of Jodi, Beyond Yoga founder

In early 2000 Jodi had one goal: to make women feel good in their bodies. She created Beyond Yoga with this mission in mind, and it has served as the touchstone of the company for more than fifteen years of business. Jodi knew the body-image struggle because she had experienced it personally, and it had defined nearly every element of her life. The journey of feeling good in her skin, loving herself (and her life) at every size was a journey that parallels Beyond Yoga's formation and success. Honoring women for where they are in their day, body and life is the core foundation of the company.

Jodi turned a personal challenge into a professional opportunity, and that opportunity has led to the creation of a line that makes our community feel good about themselves and their bodies. Our mission is simple: to make clothes that fit and flatter everybody and every body. Community is everything. Now more than ever we see how interconnected we are, how one person's struggle really does affect the collective. Beyond Yoga seeks to bring ease and comfort to every-day so that we may conquer our challenges, attain our goals, and show up for one another. And look good doing it.