Your Superpower According to Your Zodiac Sign

I’ve always enjoyed the superhero archetype. Not only do superheroes help us understand our psychological makeup, but they prompt us to tap into our own power. When we tap into our power, we can manifest the type of life we desire, so it is important to make efforts to understand our inherent capabilities. To evoke this understanding, the following is a list of superpowers based on their Zodiac archetype.

Find your sun sign below and explore its attributed power– does it resonate with you? How can you authentically express it?


March 21 to April 19


The ability to operate at a speed beyond human capacity. This power allows Aries to excel beyond time and space itself.

As an Aries, you’re the swiftest Superhero of the Zodiac. Your quick reflexes help you dodge blows and escape sticky situations. With this power, dangerous battles can be avoided entirely. In your day-to-day life, Absolute Speed manifests as an ability to detach from unhealthy situations. Although this is beneficial, you must be careful not to use it without reflection. Otherwise, you could close yourself off to important growth opportunities. If you decide to leave an environment, relationship, etc., explore this decision. Is it rooted in intuition or fear?


April 20 to May 20

Your Superpower: Supernatural Endurance

The capacity to endure excruciating circumstances and survive deathly challenges beyond what is naturally possible.

Your superpower, Taurus, endures the test of time. With your ability to outlast any rival, you can accomplish great feats. This enduring aptitude helps you achieve goals and outlast opponents. While others may quit, you remain steadfast– regardless of the situation. You know that success only comes when you are dedicated. This dedication is remarkable, but also a bit stifling. If you become excessively narrow in your focus, then it can be difficult to grow beyond your original intention. Combat this problematic tendency by creating a balance between flexibility and rigidity.


May 21 to June 20

Your Superpower: Persuasion

The ability to control, manipulate or command others through mental, physical or magical means.

At best, Gemini, you’re a Superhero who utilizes persuasive power to dissuade violence. This persuasion can convince the most villainous opponents to surrender with ease. Although your ability is remarkable, there is a potential downfall – your mind. Because the power of persuasion is closely linked to your thought processes, it’s important to check in with your intentions frequently. If you allow your thoughts to run rapid, then there’s a danger of ego-driven subconscious manipulation. Only when you learn to focus your mind, develop awareness and acknowledge the power you yield will you gain authentic supporters.


June 21 to July 22

Your Superpower: Telempathy

A combination of empathy and telepathy, which allows for mindreading and emotional sensing.

Telempathy helps you determine the underlying thoughts and emotions of your opponents, Cancer. With this understanding, you can appeal to weaknesses and achieve victory. As you navigate life, you have a sense of compassion for those around you. If proper boundaries are not in place, then the sensitivity this gift provides can be overwhelming.This overwhelm is rooted in the unconscious absorption of thoughts and emotions – where does another end and you begin? Establishing a strong sense of discernment can help you remedy this confusion.


July 23 to August 22

Your Superpower: Animal Morphing

The capability to embody an animal’s abilities, traits and appearance.

Let’s face it Leo, you’re the minx of the Zodiac and your power lies in your connection to the animal kingdom. When challenged, opponents find themselves befuddled by your ability to shapeshift.This deep connection helps you tap into the essence of life. While others are preoccupied with their self-doubts and insecurities, you stand strong. When you utilize this strength, you can lead the pack with glory. However, your leadership ability depends on the state of your Ego. If your motives are pure, then healthy power can drive positive change. Ensure that you are aware of your intentions. What is driving you?


August 23 to September 22

Your Superpower: Regenerative Healing

Rapid regeneration which lends towards an ability to recreate lost or damaged tissues, DNA, organs and limbs.

As a natural healer, Virgo, you have a tremendous power. This power can help you rapidly revive yourself and others, which is a necessity for battle. This healing potential is rooted in an intuitive understanding of the physical body. Essentially, you’re the archetype of a fast-acting nurse. If you’re not careful, however, this desire for healing can create a preoccupation with the body. Your preoccupation tends to result in neglect for other life areas, which leads to potential imbalances. If you’re not careful, these imbalances can manifest as physical ailments. In other words, pay attention to your deep mind-body connection and take inventory of your life – how balanced are you?


September 23 to October 22

Your Superpower: Harmony Personification

The ability to create harmony and balance in all environments – a variation of mind-control.

As a Libra, creating equilibrium helps you transcend difficult situations. For you, harmony is the goal and you’re driven to achieve it by any means necessary. Your mantra is: “why can’t we be friends?” Although the drive towards harmony is admirable, your preoccupation with imbalances can lead to an unstable sense of self. This instability occurs when you place more emphasis on your external world then your internal one. In order to ensure you are taking care of #1, it’s important to develop your priorities. Contemplate who you are, your boundaries and your philosophies. Remember, your external circumstances mirror your internal environment – the change you seek in the world begins from within.


October 23 to November 21

Your Superpower: Empathic Weather Manipulation

Weather is controlled by emotions. This power can be dangerous if the user is unaware of it’s potency.

The intensity you supply is awe-inspiring, Scorpio. You can defeat opponents through pure emotional expression – what a thought, huh? This expression helps you manipulate situations to your liking. This is especially true when you’re working towards an important goal. If you’re unaware of this gift, however, it can easily turn into a curse. In order to hone this ability properly, you must connect to your inner-world and motives. Otherwise, there is the potential for negative energy wielding, which comes in the form of unconscious manipulation. When you utilize this form of manipulation you’re tapping into low vibrations. To avoid this, harness your emotions productively and gain a greater understanding of the potent energy at play.


November 22 to December 21

Your Superpower: Unlimited Expansion

The ability to lengthen, grow and increase matter at will. This user can enlarge themselves to monolithic proportions.

No challenge is too great for you, Sagittarius. As a Superhero, you possess larger-than-life battle skills, which prompt opponents to retreat. Your thirst for wisdom helps you remain flexible and intellectually expansive. Life is too short to live in stagnation and growth leads to ultimate freedom. Although the freedom you seek does inspire growth, it can often sabotage your commitment to the learning process. If you refuse to commit to one objective for an extended amount of time you may miss out on the very gains you seek. Reflect upon your aversion to commitment – how many relationships, jobs, homes or situations left for “greener pastors”?


December 22 to January 19

Your Superpower: Chronokinesis

The physical manipulation of time and temporal phenomena.

With the ability to rewind, fast-forward and pause time, Capricorn, you can avoid battle. Why would you fight when you can shift the circumstances altogether? Although time manipulation in mundane reality may not be possible (yet), your close connection to this plane helps you come pretty darn close. Your acute awareness is impressive, but can often result in deep anxiety. This anxiety is rooted in the fear of time lost, which can cause you to squander the present moment. If this is the case, escapism is a possibility. Observe your thoughts and learn how to ground yourself in the present. Remember, when we crack open this moment time is abundant.


January 20 to February 18

Your Superpower: Precognition

Futuristic foresight expressed through visions. This power helps the user avoid and change current possibilities.

Your far-reaching visions help you prepare for and avoid potential disasters, Aquarius. This preparation can determine victory or defeat. With your foresight comes an innovative and creative mind. Your ideas provide the framework for an elevated society. Not everyone will comprehend these far-reaching visions, which can create a feeling of isolation. Understand that your insights are often future-oriented, which makes it difficult to communicate to the rest of us. Do not allow this difficulty to interfere with your mission as that would be a disservice to society. Your ideas are important and will be recognized when the timing is right!


February 19 to March 20

Superpower: Dimensional Travel

Interdimensional travel allows the user to cross different planes of existence and travel through various forms of reality.

Your power is connected to intergalactic experiences, Pisces. These experiences help you explore multiple dimensions at will. This capacity helps you dodge interference and gain support from other realms. With such an otherworldly ability, you have the option to interact with the unseen. Astrotravel, Lucid Dreaming and Psychic abilities are all part of your bag of goodies – if you choose to utilize them. However, without proper grounding, you may feel alien-like and dejected. To ground yourself, get in touch with the earth and utilize your spiritual knowledge to help the rest of us understand our untapped potential.